Oh thy tears upon my window pane,
Show all the angels must cry.
Thy hope of mine hast not been vain,
Thy angels cry, as I fear yet to die.

Oh thy tears upon my window pane,
Dear angels do not cry this way.
My will shall change, I see thy rain,
I shall come to you as you say.

Oh thy tears upon my window pane,
I hear you above my fear.
I shall come, gently all aray,
To thy angels I shall be near.....Pub...'98'


Spring wakes
all the flowers,
Spring rumbles
with many a storm,
Spring is filled
with magical powers,
Spring comes
and love is born...........(Award in 1989 Written 1974)


You are so beautiful,
You are everything good,
You give me life,

Your spirit overwhelms,
Your love is warm,
Your caring is true,

Dear Grand'daughter,
I love you......................1990 & 2000


His smile,
His warmth,
His kindness,
His caring,
His thoughts,
His love,
His being.

Dear Grandson,
I love you......2000


One year I missed him, but yet did see the sun.
Two years I missed him and found , I was one.
Three years I wept, as so alone was I.
Four years I weakened, cared not if I die.
Five years are lonely, I tire every-day.
Six years are gone now, I have lost my way.
Seven years are past, its time to start anew.
Eight years and there, is still a touch of blue.
Nine years did come, a new life did begin.
Ten years now, my heart he did win...........(Published)


He is love
He is warmth
He is smiles
He is sparkle
He is friend
He is listener
He is helper
He is patient
He is everything good
He is mine...........................(Published)


I touched the snow, this wintery morn,
As its flakes fell upon my brow.
I thought of a love passed long ago,
Oh how it does linger now.

The trees do glisten this frosty morn,
Its branches, heavy in burden.
I thought of a love passed long ago,
Oh how it does linger now.

I watched the clouds, cover the sky,
Dropping a blanket of death.
I thought of a love passed long ago,
Oh how it does linger now..............(Published


The wonder of a child, so very pure and gay.
The beautiful smile, never pierced in dismay.
The happy sound of her laughter, each new day,
The warmness of her heart, she's on her way.

The wonder of a child, the sparkle in her eye.
The beautiful dreams she has, in life to try.
The happy impressions, with me they stay,
The warmness of her love, she's on her way.

The wonder of a child, the idea of life.
The beautiful girl, someday to be a wife.
The happy thoughts, each new day,
The warmness towards life, she's on her way....published


Today I think, tomorrow I forget,
Today I enjoy, tomorrow I regret,
Today I laugh, tomorrow I cry,
Today I live, tomorrow I die...........published


Bewail the child of lonliness
that weeps unheard each day.
Bewail the tear of lonliness
that falls unseen each day.
Bewail the heart of lonliness
it crys unheard each day.
Bewail a mother in lonliness
her failures show each day. .............published


Ye friend, oh weep for mothers heart,
Thus, knowing her born child, this cold.
But thy-self yet, does keep her part,
Thus dear mother, thine love, so bold.


Oh beautiful star,
See me lonely,
See how I weep.
Hear me cry, tis
For the wrong done.
Hear my deafening sigh.


Do you love your man?
Do you touch his hand?
Do you stroke his hair?
Do you know his stare

Do you understand his wants?
Do you understand his taunts?
Do you understand his words?
Do you understand his murk?

Do you feel him in your heart?
Do you sadden when your apart?
Do you cry when he misunderstands?
Do you love your wonderful man?..........


At the time, is love warm,
Is it will,
It is April-yes, love is warm.

At the time, is child love,
Is it heart,
It is March-yes, a childs love.

At the time, is sadness blue,
Is it tears,
It is here-yes, sad and blue.

At the time, am I sad,
Is it to stay,
It is May-yes, sadness is here.

At the time, am I sad,
Is it soon,
It is June-yes, very sad...............


I listen to the silence, of this room.
My heart unsettled, filled with gloom.
Cry weeping widow, for no one hears.
Loud sad widow, cry your tears..............published


What would she do if daddy were here.
What would she whispher, in his ear.
The little games, daddys girl could play,
But she is now alone, for he has gone away.

How do I tell her stories, how daddy loved his girl.
Tell her how he kissed her and twisted up her curl.
Say how he did love her, as precious as she is.
How I do try to tell her, With hidden tears her I kiss.............published


My heart aches for someone,
Someone never to be.
My heart seeks for him,
Someone I'll never see.
My heart yearns for someone,
Someone I'll never touch.
My heart longs for him,
Someone I loved very much...............published


Watch the weeping willow sway,
On this warm and perfect day.
The limbs are so, gently aray,
In a breeze, so free, so gay............


Oh thy burning, hatefull tongue.
Thy comest, yet no love begun.
The way thou doest hurt me so,
Never shall thee I love,
thus I know............................


Shall thy flaming heart,
Burn and char another..
To ashes fall loves part,
This flame, thy tears, shall smother.................


The spiteful tongue,
The lies begun.
Oh how they hurt,
Beneath the sun.

Come and weep,
They hurt deep.
Oh crying one,
Don't tell your son...................


Tire oh, this stabbing pain.
Away go I in vapid vain.
Soon tis over, insipid life.
Thus for I wait, body in strife...............


My heart doth weep,
My soul yearns deep,
Oh my love, do come,
Or my life, be done...............


I laugh to hear him say love,
Should he ever learn my dove,
He knows not how we cared,
Never will my love, he share....................


Birds and trees, flowers and bees,
Thats what spring's about.
See the rain, listen to the crane,
Hear the children shout.

Children running, bicycles humming,
See the bright blue sky.
Watching the blossoms, all a-bloom,
Take away passed winters gloom...........


When he cares for me, will my love, he see.
When he thinks of me, will my hand , he see.
When he looks at me, will my heart, he see.

When he yearns for me, will my wants, he see.
When he asks for me, will my concern, he see.
When he is in love, will it be me...........


Dear Lord to you I pray each day,
That to my love you will someday say.
A message to me has brought my dove,
To tell of the pain in the heart of your love..........


Oh weeping soul, cry for peace,
So yearning for thy long rest.
Oh gentle sleep,upon white fleece,
Quiet to die, thus be best..................


Oh beautiful star
See me lonely.
See how I weep.
Hear me cry, tis
For the wrongs done.
Hear my deafening sigh................


I fear him for I know
I shall love him.
I fear him for I know
My heart he doth melt............


My brothers treat me kind.
My brothers talk gentle.
My brothers listen to me.
They make my heart feel warm......... * Home